• Funds needed: AMD 3,000,000

The inclusive theatre “WE ARE” unites more than 40 children, both with and without special needs, in their love of art, music and performance. Since 2004, the theatre has been operating at the Child Development Foundation in Yerevan. Over the past 11 years, the children staged five plays, and gave numerous performances in Yerevan and the regions.

The inclusive theatre is a powerful tool that gives children with special needs a sense of belonging, helps build their confidence, gives them new skills, and promotes their social integration and inclusion.

Child psychologists, social workers and other specialists are actively involved in the theatre’s activities, and their hard work and dedication are among the main factors for the theatre’s success.

Those who have ever attended any of their performances, admit that their own view of disability has changed dramatically. The simple words the children say on stage sometimes do more than any discussion on the issues of social isolation and public rejection that many people with disabilities are still facing in our society.

But the theatre has no special funding and solely relies on the generosity of sponsors to continue its operations. Right now it is facing closure because of the lack of money.

Please help to raise the curtain on their next performance. You can give wings to these children’s dreams. Donate now!

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