About Sponsorship

About Sponsorship

This programme is designed to reach out to Armenia’s children, experiencing hardship and in need of support from each one of us. Families are selected according to vulnerability criteria, and World Vision staff members regularly monitor and assess their progress.

World Vision’s ‘Child Sponsorship’ programme is an opportunity for each of us to invest in shaping an intelligent, educated and self-standing generation.  
You can also join World Vision’s ‘Child Sponsorship’ programme,  become a sponsor for a child living in one of Armenia’s remote communities and improve his/her life. 

In order to join the programme․․․ 

With a small monthly donation you help the child and his/her family overcome extreme poverty. Thanks to your donation,  the family receives economic support to have steady source of income, and the child will receive school supplies, warm clothes, developing games, and other age-appropriate essentials.  

By becoming a sponsor… 

  • You will receive an info pack about the child (child’s social history, a photo from the child) within five working days.
  • You will witness how your sponsorship changes the sponsored child’s life, by staying in touch with him/her. 
  • You will receive individual reports three times during the year. 
  • You may wish to send letters, presents to the child and even meet him/her. 

To become a child sponsor, you will be kindly requested to donate 8,000 AMD per month, which will help to improve one child’s life. 
To join the programme, please register in www.donate.am website or email at [email protected] or call +37495005772.