The Museum and Cultural Center Becomes the Badge of Tchambarak Town

The Museum and Cultural Center Becomes the Badge of Tchambarak Town

The Museum and Cultural Center Becomes the Badge of Tchambarak Town


More than 9,300 people living in Tchambarak town lived similar days doing the same basic things and having no other options of education or entertainment. Nowadays the Boryan Brothers Museum and Cultural Center is the alternative unique place where the youth and adults keep attending, making it the most active place in Tchambarak town. The Boryan Brothers Museum, the built-in library, youth debate clubs, specialized art clubs are the best choice people can have here, actively participating and just communicating with each other.


"I come here frequently to meet my friends, to read books, to create something beautiful. I can find and read all my favorite books here every time discovering a greater world for me. My impressions and opinions are changing with each book”, shares 15-year-old Mary.


The youth and children from the surrounding communities come here to read books and take part in debates. Many teachers voluntarily bring their students here to take part in all activities.


"Crafting helps people broaden their horizons and learn more. These clubs teach rare types of crafting, which are very helpful for these kids to develop their skills in art,” says Gayane Tchagharyan, the school teacher responsible for extracurricular activities.


"I was one of the many community members who voluntarily took part in reconstruction works from the beginning,” shares Hovhannes, 15, adding, "I keep coming here already as a student. I meet my friends in the Center every week and learn more and more.”


Many community members and youngsters took part in reconstruction phase of the museum and still many of them keep caring for the surroundings of the building - continuously cleaning the surroundings and caring for the environment. The tree planting activities gather all the youth of the town who plant the trees and water them constantly.


"It is my pleasure to see not only youth but also their parents’ motivation to be a part of all these activities. It is hard for some children to cross miles to reach the center, but they still keep coming and learning with huge enthusiasm,” says Christine Lazaryan, the wood-crafting club teacher.


About 15 young people each month attend the wood-crafting center since July and create some beautiful ornaments and animals putting all their heart in their creations. Some of them are learning the basic things on working with wood, but some of them had already developed worthwhile patterns.


"I have crafted wooden bears, rabbits, fish, etc. I like working with wood. At first it seems very hard material, but then it changes into delicate shapes with round and smooth corners,” shares Samvel, 16.


"The museum and cultural center became the badge of Tchambarak Town. This project became a huge success and brought many people together to have a tangible result for the young generation. We have now many youth and children, including children with disabilities, who attend the clubs and gain rare skills on pottery, ceramics and wood-crafting,” says Irina Hovhannisyan, World Vision Armenia Tchambarak Area Development Program Manager.


This project was implemented by the joint funding of World Vision Armenia and CRONIMET Charity Foundation.

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