Aparan Town Students Can Build Robots

Aparan Town Students Can Build Robots

Aparan Town Students Can Build Robots


A Youth Robotics Club was opened in one of the schools in Aparan Town in February 2014.

The Aparan High School had a computer lab, where many computers were installed and accessible for the students and teachers to learn new technics on study. The four multipart packages of Robot construction tools were donated to the school to make the children study more efficient in IT sphere.

It is thanks to the monthly donations by Monitis GFI and staff that World Vision Armenia has completed the implementation of the robotics project youth club in Aparan.

 "This is a great opportunity for the students of our school to learn new things and develop their skills in robot construction. Of course, currently they only can connect basic parts and develop simple guidelines, but with the time, we will have clever minds to create something new,” shares the Robotics Club Trainer, who was recently trained by National Instruments Company.

"Everything is developing and changing so quick, that we need to step with time. This is our pleasure to see that our small investments become to a huge change in the children’s lives,” says Mikayel Vardanyan, Director of Operations at Monitis GFI.

"I am very thankful to this initiative. We should invest all we have in our kids’ development; they are our future. I am no longer young, but still I study computer software and train my staff to be able to teach our kids in more interesting ways,” shares Nvard Barseghyan, the principal of the Aparan High School.

This school is with Mathematical bias, where students learn physics and mathematics thoroughly and many of them dream to become specialists in these spheres.

The robotics club is a sunny room with all equipment these young specialists will need to master some small robots and improve them with appropriate precepts. The computers installed here will ease their work of developing software to move the parts and details on the sound or with the lines.

"I am working now on a small robot project, which moves to the sound. Whenever the system gets clapping or any other sound, it turns the wheels and moves to that direction,” shares Ashot, 16, who dreams of becoming a programmer. "I hope that one day I will design a home-robot, which will help me at home in everything,” adds Ashot.

Since the beginning of 2012 World Vision Armenia has pioneered in bringing knowledge of robotics to the youth in communities throughout Armenia. With the goal of introducing capable youth in the regions of Armenia to the robotics program, in the past months World Vision created five Youth Robotics Clubs in five schools in Alaverdi, Gyumri, Kapan, Sisian, and Talin. Armed with different robotics programs and equipment, these clubs are set to provide schoolchildren with initial knowledge of robotics, as well as actual practice in building robots that are programmed to carry out certain tasks.

Youth Robotics Clubs and similar projects can play a role in creating serious potential in Information Technologies in the regions of Armenia. Thus, capable youth will have the access to be engaged in web design, programming, animation, and robotics engineering.

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