Local Fundraising Covers the Dental Expenses of Children in Aragats Community

Local Fundraising Covers the Dental Expenses of Children in Aragats Community

Local Fundraising Covers the Dental Expenses of Children in Aragats Community


Children of Aragats community will receive dental treatment by the support of World Vision Armenia’s local donor HSBC Bank Armenia. Currently about 200 children aged 6-12 years are visiting local dental clinic of Aragats Community for general mouth cavity check-ups. Through this checking process treatment needs will be revealed and processed by the local Dental Clinic.

Aragats Community is located near the Aragats mount, where potable waters run from natural sources. The lack of sufficient amount of fluorine in the water and unstable social status in the families effects on the teeth strength of the kids.

"This is the first time I come to dentist, but I'm not afraid. I want to have strong teeth to be able to taste nuts for the New Year," said nine-year-old Erik.

Not only the water issue but also parents inconsistency on keeping teeth hygiene is causing this issue in overall country. Children are not following the rule of cleaning their teeth and keeping them strong. Ninety per cent of the children were attending the dental clinic for the first time.

"No one from the already received 50 school children have healthy teeth. We record everyone’s statuses, which makes obvious that each of those kids have various issues. One needs to remove more than 4 teeth; the other kid needs to clean the stained, blackened teeth, and this comes mainly from not keeping the proper hygiene and lack of healthy nutrition,” shares Gegham Grigoryan, Aragats community dentist.

The local fundraising initiative of World Vision Armenia in cooperation with local HSBC Bank Armenia raised the issue during the last year through its "Im Luma” (My penny) Fundraising Project, which raised funds for the covering the treatments of children’s teeth in the Aragatsotn area.

During the last year the staff of the local bank from capital city donated small amounts of money from their salaries each month to go to the project budget, and currently the main amount stands about 1.190.000 AMD (US $2.600).

"It is very vital to keep oral hygiene from the early ages, which will prevent other illnesses of the organism. We will promote the importance of the oral hygiene culture in the families and communities of this area, so that it will become a habit for everyone to care for their health,” says Liana Sargsyan, World Vision Armenia Aragatsotn Marz Manager.

Various awareness raising campaigns will be organized by the local dentist after the treatment sessions. The specialist will be visiting the two schools of the community, sharing his knowledge on keeping teeth hygiene and health care through multiple interactive activities and video presentations.

After the completion of treatment procedures the dentist will fill in individual forms for the children to have the overall background of dental status and see the results done. Six months later after the treatments, World Vision Armenia initiates another check-up visit to the dentist by children to see their status on teeth health, as well as to evaluate the project’s overall impact.

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