Smiling Childhood Opportunity for Aragats Community Children

Smiling Childhood Opportunity for Aragats Community Children

Smiling Childhood Opportunity for Aragats Community Children


"It is quite unusual when there is no toothache, and I can eat whatever I want to”, 12-year-old Anahit tells with the fearless of toothache happiness expressed with childish honestly on her face.

"My teeth now are not blackened, they have been cleaned”, adds Anahit proudly emphasizing that there is no need to close her mouth with hand while smiling.

Anahit is one of 103 children in Aragats community that had received dental services within the framework of "Im Luma” (My Penny) project.

The project was implemented thanks to donations raised through World Vision Armenia’s Local partner, HSBC Bank of Armenia of 1.295.000AMD financial aid.

As part of the project, which took over on July 1, 2015, the dentist examined 202 up to 6-grade schoolchildren from 2 community schools and raised their awareness of oral care and hygiene practices. Thereafter, a list of children with a need for oral care was formed and medical support was provided.

The 103 children, who had passed the medical examination, were provided medical care. Check-ups, treatment and preventive care were implemented.

All dental services were provided by Gegham Grigoryan, the dentist of the community dental center.

According to the dentist, the community children have risky oral diseases, specifically dental caries and pulpitis. There are several reasons behind that: non-proper hygiene practices, the use of non-organic food with chemical compounds, unsatisfactory quality of water with low level of fluoride.

Because of harsh social conditions of families, many children have malnutrition whch results in fluoride, calcium, and other deficiencies, thus causing caries.

"I have 3 teeth extracted and 4 treated. And now it is important not to forget to use toothpaste and a brush, otherwise I will again have toothache,” says Anahit. By the way, 100 tubes of toothpaste and 100 brushes were given to the community children during the implementation of the project by "Esting” company and "Asoghik” publishing house.

Parents and grandmother of the young inhabitant of Aragats community, who is starting her 6th grade in September, are extremely happy, that Anahit will not have often to miss classes because of toothache and gum pain.

Parents of Aragats community children are grateful to HSBC bank staff for showing compassion and donating part of their salaries for children’s healthy teeth.

"Our burden and concerns have been reduced due to the bank donation, and we are very thankful expressing gratitude also on behalf of our children”, they say.

"My classmates used to make fun of me. After I had my teeth treated, I, myself, smile and laugh as much as I wish,” says Anahit happily with realization that she is going to welcome the coming educational year painlessly.

"I have classmates who have toothache. I wish all children are able to smile carelessly”, she adds.

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