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Strong Tavush, Resilient Communities, Protected Children

The situation in Tavush Region of Armenia – Armenian-Azerbaijani border – remains tense on these days, while the border Armenian villages are in constant danger.

The local civilians and communities do need our support.

World Vision Armenia has launched a fundraising campaign to stock up the shelters of border communities – Berd, Artsvaberd, Choratan, Tavush, Movses, Chinary, Nerkin Karmiraghbyur, Aygepar – with items of vital importance.

Together with Tavush Administrative Unit (Marzpetaran) World Vision has outlined the basic needs of the shelters in these eight communities, which will allow strengthening the resilience of the communities and civilians towards current and future tensions. The list of the items includes:

- 200 liter water tanks with tap

- flashlights with rechargeable battery

- sleeping bags

- covers

- medical box withessential medicine and supplies

- loudhailers

 World Vision has limited resources but we are confident that together we can support the border villages of Tavush.

According to estimations, to stock up a shelter (shelters) in one community, 3.5mln AMD (US$7,300) is needed.  This amount will ensure the purchase of the above-mentioned items in necessary quantity.

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Make a donation through   220413350228000 bank account (Acba bank).

Important note

World Vision will inform about the outcomes of the fundraising campaign through individual e-mails to all its donors, but will also report about the status of the campaign through its Facebook page.

Let's make Tavush strong together! 

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