• Let’s Keep Children Home project with Orange Foundation

  • “Let’s keep children home” project started in 2012, as a joint initiative of Orange Foundation and World Vision Armenia. The project provided socially vulnerable families with means and tools, which allowed them to get a source of income, improve financial stability and bring back home their children, who were earlier placed in a boarding school or another state-run institution due to economic difficulties.

    The funds for the project came from SMS donations from Orange customers (100 or 500 AMD), and every month Orange foundation matched the amount raised. In 2014, additional funds for the project were raised by Orange Armenia during the charity auction, where the best 11 numbers from the new 041 range were sold.

    Until March 2016, 90 children benefited from this project and were reunited with their families.

“Let’s keep children home” is one of the most important projects of Orange Foundation, implemented together with World Vision organization, and these 32 million drams will enable around 30 children to return home”

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