What is ‘Child Sponsorship’ and how does it work?

World Vision Armenia’s 'Child Sponsorship' programme allows individuals to sponsor a child (children) living in need for long period. Through monthly payments, sponsors help children and their families overcome extreme poverty and receive quality education. World Vision Armenia ensures regular accountability for the work conducted within ‘Child Sponsorship’ programme.    

World Vision’s ‘Child Sponsorship’ Programme is not only an effective way to support but also an opportunity to establish a friendly relationship with the child. 

World Vision's ‘Child Sponsorship’ Programme is based on the organisation's extensive experience in overcoming poverty.

‘Poverty Reduction and Resilience’: You help the child and his/her family overcome extreme poverty. Thanks to your donation, the family receives economic support to have steady source of income, and the child receives school supplies, warm clothes, development games, and other age-appropriate essentials. 

To become a sponsor, you will be kindly requested to donate 8,000 AMD per month, which will help to improve one child’s life with one of the above-mentioned options. 

How are children selected to participate in the ‘Child Sponsorship’ programme?

The most vulnerable children are those children whose quality of life and ability to fulfill their potential is limited because of their extreme deprivation and rights violation. Poverty directly affects children's lives, from proper nutrition to early preschool education, school success, non-formal education and opportunities to play.

Children selected for ‘Child Sponsorship’ are among the most vulnerable and the vulnerable. It is important for the family to have a vision for future and hope to overcome poverty.

World Vision Armenia has developed vulnerability criteria based on UN and State standards in Armenia. Families are selected based on these criteria. Right after the selection, World Vision specialists conduct an in-depth assessment of the needs, and an individual development plans for the child and the family are developed. The families are regularly monitored throughout the Program for progress assessment.

What do the sponsor and the child get from the ‘Child Sponsorship’ programme?

The sponsor

  • receives an info pack about the child (social history, a photo and a video greeting),
  • can send letters, presents to the child and even meet him/her,
  • receives individual reports three times a year,
  • receives child’s annual progress report.

The child

  • the child’s family receives economic support to have steady source of income,
  • the child receives warm clothes,
  • receives school supplies/development games,
  • receives other age-appropriate essentials. 

Is the money I give to World Vision handled effectively?

By becoming a sponsor, you will receive individual reports about the progress three times during the year. You may also wish to send letters, presents to the child and even meet him/her. The contact with the child will give you a clear idea on what kind of changes the financial means provided by you bring in both the child’s and his/her family’s life.

How long does the commitment to the Sponsorship last?

It is desired, that the child sponsorship lasts not less than a year to ensure tangible changes in the child’s life. However, sponsorship depends on the goodwill of the sponsor; he/she can withdraw sponsorship at any time without any further commitment. 

The sponsor receives the child's social history, where the primary needs of the child and his/her family are assessed. Whenever all these needs are met and the child/the family overcomes poverty, we will suggest to sponsor another child or to terminate the sponsorship.