Back Back Forty one children to enjoy coming winter with warm clothes and shoes; Workfront Armenia supported the initiative 29/11/2017
Forty one children to enjoy coming winter with warm clothes and shoes; Workfront Armenia supported the initiative

In Armenia, poverty can be witnessed pretty often, but there are stories of 60,000 people who live in extreme poverty, barely having an income of 23 384 AMD (56.2 USD) per month. Poverty strongly affects little children who usually lack basic living means – including weather appropriate clothing, heating of their houses, access to sanitation and hygiene supplies. These children comprise 28% of Armenia’s children.

It is already five years World Vision is seeking partnership with local corporates to fuel up the giving culture in the country and embrace more and more vulnerable children into its charity efforts.

This November World Vision Armenia proudly partnered with Workfront Armenia, and the joint efforts allow to speak about the positive change in the lives of 41 children living in Aragatsotn and Syunik regions of Armenia.

When the Workfront Armenia team visited children in one of the local schools in Aragatsotn Region of Armenia, there was a real fun-time for both the children and the staff members; children learned about healthy lifestyle and critical hygiene practices presented by the Workfront Armena team through games, and were happy to go home with a set of warm clothes and hygiene supplies.

Elmira, 45, lives with her three children in one of the communities of Aragatsotn Region of Armenia. Elmira is unemployed, and she barely meets the most urgent needs of her children. It is especially hard for Elmira’s family in winter when the temperature plummets to -25 in the area. “Winter is hard when you are poor. I sometimes pray for the winter not to come. Children get ill all the time because of the cold,” – says Elmira.

Her two younger children - nine-year-old boy and 12-year-old girl were among those 41 children who can enjoy the coming winter with warm clothes and shoes donated by the Workfront team.

“The so-called service days or volunteering work is highly valued at Workfront Armenia because they provide opportunity to our team to give back to our community. We as employees feel very happy to take part in volunteering events as we want to bring positive impact on the most needed areas of our country. We can't always be consumers, and it is indeed rewarding when you can make a difference in the lives of others, especially children living in need,” says Anna Movsisyan, HR Specialist at Workfront Armenia. 

Anna Movsisyan also stresses the benefits of volunteering for the team: including quality time away from work, a deeper knowledge of the local community, new skills and experience, and most importantly, while volunteering the team enjoyed the feeling of being valued and being part of a big initiative.

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This summer 1654 children spent joyful summer holidays in World Vision's #Dreamcamp. For 1066 of them funding was made possible through individuals and businesses in Armenia.