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Anahit, 9
Anahit, 9

Anahit’s mother is divorced, busy with daily life, caring for children and optimistic.

“I divorced because my husband was addicted to alcohol. I live with my children in a trailer house on my father's plot of land. I recently bought a new trailer, with the help of my relatives; this one is more convenient. I repaired it with the help of the World Vision. My life has changed a lot when we were first visited by the representatives of World Vision,” remembers Hermine. 

Anahit's family was involved in World Vision’s Poverty Reduction Programme. This programme is a series of multi-sectoral interventions to help the extremely poor families to combat poverty. The support includes: social work with families, financial assistance to meet the most urgent needs, vocational training for family members, training in the field of parenting skills, provision of knowledge on healthy nutrition and hygiene of children, assistance in the solution of the employment issues.

“They help so much that it is difficult for me to find words to express my gratitude. Warm clothes, winter jackets, pens and bags. The social workers who work with us, do their best to support us,” says Hermine with excitement.

Anahit’s mother does not have a profession, but she knows the secrets of farming very well; that is when to sow potatoes and how to cultivate them.

“My mother died long ago, I was a child, that's why I started farming early to help my father. Now I do my best for my children and their good childhood. World Vision has been supporting me since 2017. They gave me an electric oven so that I can bake bread for my children. They also supported me with forty chickens. My daughters attend after-school classes at school and love their teachers very much,” says Hermine.

“When I grow up, I will help my mother work less and relax a lot,” says Anahit who is 9.

Hermine is one of those mothers for whom proper care for children is of upmost importance. She has attended courses on parenting skills organised by World Vision with great enthusiasm.

“They told us how to bathe our children properly, focused on the healthy diet; how to feed them properly, so that they would not get sick. We also acquired necessary skills to help our children with their school tasks at home. During the courses about the importance of saving the financial resources, I learnt about primary and secondary needs and purchases; what is more important to be bought, and what is less important and can wait. So, now I am able to make savings with my limited resources,” says Hermine. 

“I have acquired many necessary skills thanks to World Vision. I had no idea about all this before. I am ready to attend courses again, but after May, as now I am busy with the plot of land. I have a dream to have a home for my kids,” says Hermine with hope.

The effectiveness of the programme is evident. 48% of the participating families have overcome extreme poverty, 90% have increased their annual income, 77% of their children have improved their health, and 82% of the families have had a significant positive change in the quality of their life.