Success stories
Serzhik, 15
Serzhik, 15

Speaking about the problems of the big family, Serzhik’s mother Ruzanna unintentionally mixes the names of her children. Serzhik's family is composed of eleven members. Like any family in difficulty, food, clothing and job are important for them.

The adult members of the family already have started their own families. Ruzanna now lives with her minor children. She has a disability with impaired mobility.

“There are difficulties, but we are moving forward somehow. I am happy that children study well and strive to get a profession. World Vision helped us in our difficult days. They learnt about us through community authorities. They came and assessed our situation witnessing that it is difficult for us to earn for daily bread”, remembers Ruzanna.

Soon Serzhik’s family was involved in World Vision’s Poverty Reduction Programme.

This program envisages a series of multi-sectoral interventions to help the extremely poor families combat poverty. The support includes: social work with families, financial assistance to meet the most urgent needs, vocational training for family members, training to improve parental skills, ensure healthy nutrition and proper hygiene for children, assistance with employment and income generation.

World Vision’s social workers and economic development experts have conducted an in-depth assessment of the family’s needs and potential. These specialists also worked on the family’s development plan, which focused on animal breeding to become the key source of income for the family.

It has been a year since the family has received eight sheep and one ram from World Vision. The animals have already given birth, and their number has doubled.

Serzhik, Ruzanna’s elder son, takes care of the sheep and keeps them with love, he does not leave them with anyone. “We want to have many domestic animals to sell rams and buy firewood or other useful products”, - says Ruzanna.

“World Vision helped us a lot with food, hygiene items and baby clothes. Mariam (Ruzanna’s daughter - author) had lost the opportunity to attend school after having moved here, and World Vision’s social worker helped her to take up studies at Alaverdi State College. Since there was a problem with her transportation, and the studies became online, they gave us an internet card so that the child would not miss school. Now, with their support, Mariam moved to the secondary school here, and we are very happy. My son wants to become a sapper. He knows it is a very dangerous occupation. But I am glad that he wants to serve in the army for his homeland. We have such good kids”, – says Ruzanna.  

“I like software engineering very much, especially robotics. World Vision helped me take up studies at the COAF Smart Center to get more useful knowledge. I am very happy”, says Mariam.

“I attended World Vision Club called Child-Friendly Environment. It was at our village administration office. We were organizing interesting events, playing games. On the last day of the training, we were all sad that it was over. I would like to go there again because it was interesting”, says Serzhik.

“As I have mobility problems, I cannot attend World Vision courses, and my husband often visits them, even for individual advice, and they never refuse. As long as we all are together, we will overcome all difficulties”, says Ruzanna.

The effectiveness of the Poverty Reduction Programme is sustainable. 48% of the participating families have overcome extreme poverty, 90% have increased their annual income, 77% of their children have improved their health and 82% of the families have had a significant change in their quality of life.