Who is World Vision?


World Vision is a Christian, child-focused and community-based organization, dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.

Unconditionally, we aspire for a world, where children enjoy good health, are educated for life, experience the love of God and their neighbors, and where they are cared for, protected and participate in decisions that affect their lives.


What types of projects does World Vision do in Armenia?


World Vision started operations in Armenia in 1988, providing emergency aid to people affected by the Spitak earthquake. Since then, World Vision’s projects in Armenia have transitioned beyond meeting the demands of crisis situations to promoting spiritual and physical transformation or more than 250 communities in six regions (marzes) and the capital Yerevan.
Currently, World Vision Armenia implements 14 long-term Area Programs, focusing on children' health and development, child protection, youth issues and economic development.

For more information please visit wvi.org/armenia.


Where does the funding for our projects come from?

In addition to funds donated by child sponsors from the US, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Switzerland and Taiwan,  and a number of grant programmes, since 2012 World Vision Armenia has adopted the strategy of increasing the share of locally-raised funding in the organization’s budget.


Why donate to World Vision?


Our mission, values and strong organizational capacity help to make sure that your donation reaches those who need it, and all the resources are being used in the most efficient and effective way.

We offer:


  • Everyday operation in more than 200 communities throughout Armenia
  • Extensive knowledge of the existing needs, proficiency in multi-sector projects for community development and improved livelihoods
  • Transparent and reliable procedures, active communication with the donors and regular feedback on the impact of donations
  • Matching funds by World Vision Armenia.


What are the ways to donate?


World Vision Armenia offers a number of ways to give to corporate donors and individuals, including:

  • Corporate partnership
  • Staff monthly donations: “Im Luma” initiative 
  • SMS donations through Ucom
  • WV Armenia Gift Catalog
  • Online donations: donate.am website
  • Fundraising events
  • In-kind gifts
  • Volunteering


Please see information on this website or contact us for more details on the giving options.



How can I find out about the impact of my donation?


For online donations, we share the information, photos and stories about completed projects on donate.am website and in our donor newsletter.


What is WV Armenia Gift Catalog?


WV Armenia’s Gift Catalog offers more than twenty essential gifts, such as clothing, food, hygiene kits, school supplies and farm animals.  Each and every gift in the Catalog was specially requested from the communities where World Vision works, and is meant to make a positive change in the lives of children.

You may choose a unique and meaningful gift for a friend or a relative. On their behalf, the selected item will be donated to a child or a family, who needs your support. Your loved ones will receive a handmade gift certificate and a keychain, to remind them of the charity gift made in their name.


How do I purchase a gift from the Gift Catalog?


Follow these simple steps:

  • Choose a gift from the Catalog
  • Make a payment online or to the account number 220413350228000 ar ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK
  • Contact us to receive a “Thank You” card․ 

 On your behalf, World Vision will deliver your gift to the beneficiary children and their families.





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