Back Back Thanks to Art Lunch, food packages were provided to 115 families 03/04/2020
Thanks to Art Lunch, food packages were provided to 115 families

Thanks to Art Lunch company, we were able to provide food packages to 115 extremely poor families living in Vardenis, Talin and Gavar.

We are especially grateful to Bakur Melkonyan for being by our side and Lucy Gevorgian for coordinating this whole process smoothly.

Thank you!

Every day World Vision receives dozens of requests from extremely poor families to help them with their daily bread.

We are reaching out for your support so that we ourselves are able to reach those in severe need.

Visit or donate to 220413350228000 bank account.

Other news

IDBank joins #DreamCamp campaign
IDBank joins #DreamCamp campaign

IDBank supported World Vision Armenia to send 150 children from needy families to #DreamCamp

“IDBank prioritises charity initiatives. For already 30 year World Vision is implementing tangible social projects in Armenia, and we are happy that IDBank’s first CSR initiative is being conducted in partnership with this organisation,” says Rudolph Gabrielyan, the brand manager of IDBank.

1691 children attended World Vision's #Dreamcamp
1691 children attended World Vision's #Dreamcamp

This summer 1691 children attended World Vision's #Dreamcamp. For 534 of them funding was made possible through individuals and businesses in Armenia.