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I am going to work at PicsArt when I grow up

''It was very interesting at PicsArts office, we learned a lot of new things'' - 13-year-old Andranik and his friend Gor are excitedly sharing their days impressions.

The last two days at PicsArt headquarters were the most interesting in their lives. Working alongside the best IT professionals, they further deepened their knowledge in graphic design, programming and IT fields.

But how did it happen that schoolboys from rural areas got inside the office of the leading IT company? Everything started one year ago, when students of the arts school of Aparan city and of Kuchak communitys arts club took part in the courses on PicsArt application organized by PicsArt company and World Vision. A total of 29 tablets were donated to the two clubs in the scope of the project.

During the program more than 40 students had the opportunity to display and develop their creative skills, using the modern image editing and graphic design tools. The courses not only provided practical knowledge to the participants, but helped in professional orientation as well.

A year ago I couldnt imagine that I had such a big love towards painting. PicsArt has opened my eyes. I;m sure the skills I have been developing during the course will be the basis for specializing in this field in the future. - says one of the participants of the program, 14-year-old Suzi.

The courses were led by the clubs art teachers, who had been trained by PicsArt beforehand. Besides providing the necessary financial funds to the program, the companys specialists took active participation in the course, consulting and assisting the process.Creative and innovative thinking, practical skills are the key to success in modern world, and the countrys strong and stable development strongly depends on those factors. Meanwhile the means for gaining that knowledge are often out of reach for Armenias rural communities.

Thanks to this initiative children had the chance to not only get theoretical deep knowledge, but also practical experience in IT field during the program.

World Vision Armenia is partnering with local business companies` implementing programs that are meant to address the problems of vulnerable children and youth living in different regions of Armenia. The partnership with PicsArt is a bright example of a successful cooperation, - says Artak Ordyan, Marketing department manager for World Vision Armenia.

December event that took place at PicsArts headquarters in Yerevan brought even more excitement and motivation to all the participants.

This program was an incredible initiative; a completely new world had been opened for the children. They not only learnt the PicsArt application, but widened their views visited the office, and got to know the young people, who work here,- said the teacher of Kuchak art club Narine Yesayan.

I decided to become a graphic designer in the future! The more I paint, the more I am sure that my decision is right, - continues Suzi, who also won PicsArts design competition and received a tablet as an award.

At the end of the year 4 best students spent 2 days at PicsArts headquarters to further enhance their skills.

I have already decided, I am going to work at PicsArt when I grow up,- says Andranik confidently.

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