Success stories
Ani, 6
Ani, 6

Little Ani’s family was displaced as a result of the last hostilities which broke out on September 27, 2020, from the Shahumyan Region, Nagorno Karabakh. The family moved to one of the communities of Lori Marz with their three minor children, having taken only documents, leaving the house, garden and the property. Ani’s father was on the combat positions and only months later was able to join the family. The family is renting a house which has a big garden which is carefully sown and cultivated. The conditions are not so good, of course, but the hardworking family does not complain, they just want to have a job.

“I used to work as a manager in a shop. My husband was a welder at the Drmbon Gold Mine. We were employed, we had our house… Now we have nothing, but thanks God, we are alive. When we arrived here, representatives of World Vision visited us. It was somehow unexpected that they found us. From the very beginning the most important thing for us was the food and we received it, then World Vision provided us with hygiene items. They even gave us warm blankets, dinner pots, cups and other basic necessities,” says Armine, Ani’s mother.

Then, with support from World Vision, the family received support from other organizations as well. 

“World Vision supported my daughters too. There is a child-friendly space in World Vision’s “Navak” daycare center, which my children, Marine and Ani, attend with great enthusiasm,” mentions Armine.

14 years old Marine was in a hurry to tell about the center: “They treat us very well there, we sing, dance and play games. They teach us to respect, help and love each other.”

“We are very grateful to World Vision’s staff, even if they do not visit, they call, ask how we are doing, it is a great joy for us. But all we need is a peaceful sky right now…” says Armine, lost in thoughts.

Within the six-month grant programme provided by the German Humanitarian Coalition, World Vision Armenia supports more than 10,000 people that have arrived to Armenia  from Nagorno Karabakh. 

This is mostly an in-kind assistance. Within this grant, child-friendly spaces were also set up at World Vision’s daycare centers. Here more than 600 displaced children play and develop in a safe environment and receive necessary professional services.