What is Wօrld Vision Armenia Gift Catalog ?

World Vision Armenia’s Gift Catalog offers a variety of essential gifts including clothing, food, hygiene kits, school supplies and farm animals. Each gift in the Catalog is carefully chosen by World Vision specialists based on the most urgent needs of the children and their family. 

While choosing a gift from our catalogue, you give a hope and empower children and communities to strive for a better life. You may also choose to honor your beloved ones with a personalized gift on their behalf.

How do I purchase a gift from the Gift Catalog ?

You can choose a gift/gifts from our Gift Catalog, choose the quantity and donate much-needed basic necessities to a child or a family.

How do I know that gifts I have donated through Gift Catalog reaches the child that needs it the most ?

World Vision is currently working almost all over the country. In each community we work, World Vision has identified the most vulnerable families through the regular work of our social workers. Thus, World Vision has at hand needs, development plans for each family involved in our programmes beforehand, thus, allocation of the donated gifts is done based on already existing needs assessment and development plans.

What is the SMS donation, how does it support World Vision’s efforts ?

Every individual can support World Vision’s initiaitves through a simple one-step SMS sent to the number 7700. The cost of each SMS is 500 AMD, and the money is used for the primary needs of the most vulnerable children.

How can I find out about the impact of my donation ?

World Vision communicates the cause of its SMS campaigns and reports back through stories and news on our website. Here you may find the total budget of the donations and the results.

How to become a Corporate Partner ?

When your corporate social responsibility and our efforts to improve the most vulnerable children’s life in Armenia match, we can achieve significant results together. World Vision brings its rich expertise in community development, child protection and poverty eradication, and thanks to your partnership our efforts to bring life in all its fullness to every child can amplify. 

There are multiple projects and initiatives we can partner to succeed. Please reach us by phone: +374 95 005 881 or email: [email protected].

What are the benefits of becoming World Vision’s Corporate Partner ?

First and utmost – we can change lives of the children in Armenia for the better! 

Furthermore, World Vision Armenia is always accountable for every penny spent within the joint initiative. We are always respectful and deliberate to ensure desired recognition and visibility of the corporate partners in all its external communications and visuals. Corporate partners are also welcome to visit our field works and witness the changes achieved together on their own while also actively volunteering for the initiative. This can also significantly contribute to rapprochement of your team, or serve as an alternative team-building exercise.